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Targetted Pest Control - Wasps and Hornets

Removing wasp nests from loft and attic spaces, wall cavities, gardens, sheds and outbuildings using professional insecticide powders and sprays.

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Wasps and Hornets


The queen wasp will venture from her winter hibernation location in search of a suitable nesting site in late April/May. Wasps Nests are frequently found in garden hedges, under eaves, in sheds or outbuildings, or in wall cavities and lofts.

Completed nests can hold up to 10,000 wasps and measure more than 30cm in diameter. Most problems are encountered with wasps in August and September when workers have finished the nest building and crave sweet sources of food. It is often that wasp nests are identified at this time of year. BOOK YOUR WASP NEST ERADICATION NOW ONLINE  £55+vat


Hornets are the largest of European wasps measuring normally measuring between 3-4cm in length. The Hornet lifecycle follows a very similar pattern to other wasps, but less numbers are found in each nest.


Where nests are still small it is possible to treat the nest using the DIY sprays available from Millennium Pest Control.

During the summer months however the nest rapidly grow and can contain many thousands of wasps all of which can deliver a painful sting. Removal of these nests should not be treated lightly - the wasps become more agressive towards late summer and can swarm around the nest making treatment in enclosed areas such as loft spaces particularly dangerous.

Millennium Pest Control use professional insecticidal contact powder or direct permethrin spray to destroy the nest.


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