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UK Pest Control

Millennium Pest Control was formed in 1999 and we have established ourselves as one of the leading UK pest control companies. Members of the British Pest Control Association and accredited to CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Scheme) we are a company you can trust.

We pride ourselves at providing a fast, discrete professional service at affordable prices leaving you pest free and this commitment has enabled our rapid growth of pest control services throughout the UK.

Go to the Location Page at the top of our website to find your local pest control area and speak to a member of our team for our Professional Fast Response Pest Control Service

For more localised pest outbreaks we also have a range of DIY pest control solutions to treat a range of pest and with fast, discrete delivery. 

See our Pest Control Shop for our Diy Supplies, below are just a few of the items we sell.



£95+VAT - £110+VAT




Rat Control we sell various poison killer rat bait in grain sachets and bait blocks, along with traps and ultrasonic repeller deterrents.

Mice Killer Products include nipper traps, break back traps, humane non toxic ultrasonic plug in wall repeller deterrents and poison killer bait in the form of whole wheat, pasta sachets, grain and bait blocks active ingredients of either difenacoum and bromadiolone.

Wasp Nest Removal Please call 0137989077 for emergency same day service by our skilled qualified pest control technicians

Bedbug Treatment In our pest control shop you will see bed bug killer spray, bedbug trap, bed bug catcher traps and repellers deterrents for bedbugs, also very effective diatomaceous earth bedbug powder killer. Please call our office on 01379890777 if you require our professional bedbug treatment eradicatio service

Bird Defender Spikes  We sell a range of Bird proofing spikes for all types of bird pests including pigeons and gulls. The anti spike deterrent systems we use are for both wide and narrow surfaces ledges fences and posts.

Electric Fly Zapper Our range of fly killers are for both domestic in your home or commercial shop, restaurant and catering use. We also sell replacement ultra violet fluorescant bulb tubes for all typers of insectocutor zappers

Flea Bomb Killer  We sell flea killer treatment bombs, flea killer sprays for both cat and dog fleas with also safe non toxic flea sprays and flea powders providing safety to both children and animals.

Clothes Carpet Moth Killer Trap Please see our range of moth killer products we sell the latest AF Demi Diamond Clothes Moth Pheromone Trap and replacement refill pads that can be hung around the home or in your wardrobe. We sell a selection of Carpet Moth Killer Sprays - a combination of both traps and sprays will eradicate this nuisance pest from your home or business.

Ant Killer  Millennium Pest Control supplies a pack of 4 bait station killers for ants which are safe to use when animals and children are present. As well as a number of toxic and non toxic ant powder and sprays.

Mole Trap and Ultrasonic Repeller  Various mole control traps such as the scissor mole trap, tunnel mole trap and a powerful battery operated ultrasonic mole repeller deterrent are just a few of the DIY Mole control products in our shop


British Pest Control Association Member Certified Professional Pest Management Accredited Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme Accredited

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For more localised pest outbreaks we also have a proven range of DIY pest control products to treat a range of pest infestations all with fast, discrete delivery.

Pest Control Blog




Problems with Garden Wasps

If you have a wasps nest, it can grow at an alarming rate and treatment can be troublesome, particularly in a restricted space, with larger nests containing thousands of wasps which quickly swarm and will sting to protect the nest. Nest are commonly found in wall cavities, roof and loft spaces, outbuilding, compost heaps or underground. If you think you have a nest observe from a safe distance to check where the wasps are gaining access - in the summer wasps will constantly be entering or leaving the nest as their numbers rapidly multiply.

We can attend same day to safely destroy and remove your nest using full protective clothing and long reach chemical applicators. Call free on 0800 0854460 or book online.

Wasps Constructing a New Nest Wasp Funnel Trap


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Flea Treatments

The mild winter has set the UK up for another flea epidemic this summer.  Treatment callouts to treat fleas in Norwich, Ipswich and Cambridge has been rising over recent years and the current hot weather generates great conditions for flea larvae to hatch out.

We have extensive experience of treating flea infestations and our flea treatment plan combines residual insecticide to kill fleas and stop future breeding with pre-treatment preparation to ensure the best results. 

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Wasp Nest Treatment

With the week of colder weather over half term, the number of calls to treat wasp nests dropped away slightly, but with the reemergence of the sun this week it has again been really busy.

Targetted Wasp Nest Removal

The very warm weather has seen a big increase in wasp activity. guarantee to effectively treat your wasp nests with rapid response teams in Norwich, Ipswich and Cambridge with appointments available to book for the next working day. Call us freephone on 0800 085 4460 or click here to book a wasp nest treatment online.

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