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Targetted Pest Control - Bees

Specialist relocation of bees nests where they pose a hazard or damage property.


Honey Bees

Honey Bees are more prevalent in May and June. The nests can hold thousands of bees during the spring and summer months. Unless disturbed they are quite non-aggressive. Usual nesting sites are under eaves, lofts and commonly in chimneys. Honey Bee's will swarm in hot weather later on in the summer and can cause concern to public safety.

Bumble Bees

Much lower numbers of bees would be found in a nest and their non-aggressive attitude should be taken into account before any eradication methods are used. Problems occur in difficult locations, under sheds or in children's play areas. Insecticide treatments should always be a last resort.

Masonary Bees

Masonry Bees nest individually. They bore holes into the masonry building constructions and can cause weaknesses in the structures if left over time. In many cases multiple numbers of Masonry Bees will nest in a wall cavities each with their individual nesting holes. It is essential that treatment is carried out to badly infested sites.

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Millennium Pest Control awarded preferred supplier contract for three Nofolk Councils.

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Bee Control Norfolk & Suffolk

April to July is the main season for bee swarms to be spotted across Norfolk and Suffolk. 

The last couple of years have seen honey bee swarms make the news headlines with swarms effecting football matches, shopping centres and London streets.

Honey BeeHoney bee swarms can be relocated and useful information can be found on the British Beekeepers Association website.

It can become more complicated if bees swarm close to your home or try and take up residence, and if relocation is not possible then bee control treatment may be the only option.

Bees are not a protected species - any type of UK Bee can be treated and we have extensive experience of treating Bees nests and swarms across Norfolk and Suffolk where other forms of control are not possible.


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Masonry Bees

Millennium Pest Control was asked to investigate a bee infestation or a possible wasp nest in a chimney in Norfolk. On arrival our technician went up the scaffolding and the roof to the chimney where he found several holes in the mortar in the chimney which were caused by masonry bees.

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