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Insect Monitor and Bug Trap Catcher


Insect Monitor and Trap

These are ideal of monitoring and trapping insect activity around the home or commercial property,

The attractant pad traps insects such as ants, fleas, bedbugs and other crawling insects

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Needle Sweep

At Millennium Pest Control we often undertake regular cleaning of areas that are unfortunately littered with used Needles.

Removal of sharp objects such as syringes and needles needs to be done as safely as possible due to the high risk they pose with regards to infectious diseases. They are often found within public areas such as toilets, in derelict houses and squats, usually inhabited by illegal drug users.

Needle Sweep

Needle Sweep 1

These photos show a recent 'nest' which is the common name for users that frequent hidden and enclosed locations amongst the general public, they require being dealt with and sanitised immediately to reduce risks to health. Often we will also find human waste, blood and vomit within the same areas.

We are all at risk to disease and these services should most definitely be left to the professionals.

Needle Sweep After

Needle Sweep After

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Whilst attending a routine inspection at a contracted customers farm our technician Steve came across this large infestation of mealworm within the roof space of the buildings.


Mealworms prefer warm, dark and damp locations and will feast upon fresh or decaying matter, hence the farm building being the perfect location for them.



The mealworms are larvae of the Darkling beetle and live to eat and grow until they have enough energy stored to begin the transformation into pupae and then into the beetle.

Darkling Beetle

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Carpet Moth Eradication

Our technician Steve attended an office building recently to eradicate an infestation of Carpet Moths.

The video shows the residual insecticide spray being applied and immediately you can see the activity of the Carpet Moths increase as they become agitated by the flushing agent within the chemical.

A 4 hour period after treatment is required to allow time for the chemical to dry before access to the premises can be allowed.

These pests can rapidly multiply in numbers and can cause huge financial damage to properties if left untreated.

To discuss this treatment or for any other enquiries please contact the office on 0800 085 4460

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