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Bedbug Catcher Traps x 2 » £1.99 - DIY Pest Control Products

Bedbug Catcher Traps x 2

New for 2013 - special scent attracts bedbugs


New to the UK Market - we have tested these extensively and they work. Proven to catch bedbugs at all stages of their development.

A bedbug trap that is pesticide free and safe to use with children and animals.

Bed bugs are attracted to the slow release matrix in the trap and these traps should be used behind the headboards, under the bed, wardrobes and under sofas.

They are ideal for use in bedrooms, flats, hostels, hotels and care homes and other multi occupancy accomodation.

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As Seen on BBC TV with Matt Allwright The Housing Enforcers Millennium Pest Control provide expert advice for Local Authority in Norfolk

As Recently Seen ON TV THE HOUSING ENFORCERS WITH BBC's MATT ALLWRIGHT, MILLENNIUM PEST CONTROL WERE ASKED TO PROVIDE EXPERT ADVICE TO THE LOCAL AUTHORITY IN NORFOLK to a domestic Property with a Rat problem, Our CONTRACTS MANAGER TONY BENNETT WITH A WEALTH OF 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE Identified The source Of The Infestation, the Reason For The Infestation, Identified How The Rats Were entering The Loft And Recommended The Necessary Rat Poison Treatment to exterminate The Infestation, Tony Also Made Proofing Requirements To Prevent Rats Any Further Entry To The Property.

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Cluster Flies are returning!

Unfortunately for many rural house dwellers the time of year has come to face the reoccurring demons that hide in the walls, cracks and voids wanting to use our homes as their winter resorts. The 'cluster fly' has arrived.

Cluster fly belong to the family 'Calliphoridae' these are associated with blowfly or blue bottle, the difference is they are not known as a health hazard and are in fact parasites of earthworms as opposed to association with dead and decaying animals or egg laying in human food stuffs as their counter parts the blue/green bottle fly would be best known for.

Cluster fly larvae will infest earthworms and then pupate and emerge as adults. This happens at the end of the summer leading into the colder weather. Often vast amounts of flies can be seen on South, South West facing walls in late September basking in the last warmth’s of summer.

Cluster flies will hibernate in lofts and voids over winter and often can be seen drowsy and dying around up stair window voids. Typically they are found in houses in rural locations or buildings that rise higher across landscapes.

 Cluster Fly     Cluster Fly 1

Control is difficult as they can venture into any crack and crevice, the flies will hibernate in their thousands and when leaving in April and May will leave a pheromone that will attract others the following year to return.

 Treatment can be carried out by our skilled technicians and involves insecticidal chemicals being placed in lofts, voids and around window frames.


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Rodents Returning

Now that the colder weather is creeping upon us many of us may be finding unwanted visitors taking up residence within our properties.

Our technicians recently came across a small nest which included some young mice huddled together. A female can have around 5-6 litters a year with up to 5-8 young per litter.

This time of year Mice and Rats are coming off the fields now that the harvest is complete and will be looking for suitable areas to nest, normally within warm spots such as old barns, garages and roof spaces.

 Baby Mice

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