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Bedbug Catcher Traps x 2 » £1.99 - DIY Pest Control Products

Bedbug Catcher Traps x 2

New for 2013 - special scent attracts bedbugs


New to the UK Market - we have tested these extensively and they work. Proven to catch bedbugs at all stages of their development.

A bedbug trap that is pesticide free and safe to use with children and animals.

Bed bugs are attracted to the slow release matrix in the trap and these traps should be used behind the headboards, under the bed, wardrobes and under sofas.

They are ideal for use in bedrooms, flats, hostels, hotels and care homes and other multi occupancy accomodation.

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Rodents Returning

Now that the colder weather is creeping upon us many of us may be finding unwanted visitors taking up residence within our properties.

Our technicians recently came across a small nest which included some young mice huddled together. A female can have around 5-6 litters a year with up to 5-8 young per litter.

This time of year Mice and Rats are coming off the fields now that the harvest is complete and will be looking for suitable areas to nest, normally within warm spots such as old barns, garages and roof spaces.

 Baby Mice

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Severe Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are normally very difficult to identify and come across as they tend to hide away, coming out at night whilst we are sleeping to feed, however our Technician Dan had no problems identifying them within a property he recently treated.  

Major Bed Bugs

As you can see the signs of activity are unmissable and the live bedbugs can be seen scurrying around the mattress and bed frame.

Major Bed Bugs 1


We normally advise having two treatments carried out however in this case the clients will need to have several to ensure complete eradication.

Major Bed Bugs 2



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Wasp Season

Wasp season is almost fully upon us!

The nests can hold between 3000 and 6000 wasps making it dangerous to treat unless carried out professionally.

We charge just £69+vat for eradication and can often attend within 24 hours.

Call us on 0800 085 44 60 for further advice and bookings.

Dans Wasp Nest

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